Setting The Tone

Soon as we are talking about animations from Lumion, actual animation is not only thing what we need to look at.

In the beginning, setting the tone, first impression.
The first couple of seconds of presentation, music or video quality are setting the tone. Soon as we set the tone, we can accurately pick what we want to tell in that story.
Five things which define movie/animations are frame rates, sound, music, color, and light.

To be able to edit animation, same as recording movie with a camera, we need to have a high number of frames per second to be able to edit movie without losing on quality.
Our brain actually processes audio before visuals. If you do not hear what you see, there is a disconnection in your head between eyes and ears.
Sound effects need to follow the story in the entire movie. And that movie needs to be followed by music specially chosen for that project. We are choosing music by the character of that space, use of that space. By the people who are going to use that space. Every one of this aspects will define that space through music and sound effects.
Color and light are set up in the movie at the first second, soon as we add sunset effect and change color to a little bit more red, orange. With this changes, we are controlling how will someone feel while he is watching this movie.

At the end, it is all about setting up this five aspects, which are going to make a unique tone for the entire movie. People who actually met the client in person maybe can have the biggest impact on this stage. They can figure out what is that what client wants to get. His personality, his character. We should have all those things in mind while we are creating architecture in the first place. But we can use the advantage of making movies, the strength of our design and that we know the client well, to tell our story in the best possible way. Sometimes we can make amazing architecture, which is not reflected in animation what we present to the client or entire group of people. The culprit can be just wrong choice of music, wrong camera angle or lousy editing. In that way, we are not telling our story about our fantastic project.

End the end of the day somebody is going to watch that movie and all these things subconsciously communicated with the viewer and that person need to feel what you want to tell with that story.


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