How Lumion works

Lumion has been changed in last couple of years a lot in the way of rendering engine at first place. Level of details, materials, and components are improved drastically with every new update.

In my case, most of the models used in lumion I imported from SketchUp directly. Sketchup file needs to be clean, simple and light to be comfortable using it in lumion, or sometimes a couple of them in the same lumion project.

Textures / Materials

You can use applied materials from SketchUp in lumion, but high-resolution textures can make file big and heavy for use. Best way to prepare a file for lumion is to apply pure solid colors in SketchUp organized by names or color pallets while lumion recognizes just ID number of one specific tone.

Applying materials in lumion provides you high quality of textures, ability to change smallest parameters about a particular material. Textures imported from SketchUp have just couple of settings that can be adjusted.


Lumion has excellent feature for filter selection by categories in working mode. Even this great feature can`t help on big projects. Combination of using this feature and using layers from the beginning of the project can make your workflow way faster.

Separating model on more significant elements, structure groups or small details allowing you to be more creative with presenting the project in phases. It’s helpful when you come to post-production where you can make animated object elements in the animation itself.


With minimal effort and a couple of effects can make amazing results in photo or video renders. Spending more time adding effects makes software works slower and of course, rendering time will increase but results going to be amazing.

One more cool feature in lumion is VR panorama. Excellent way of presenting projects. Using the same effect from photo or video render with one click after setting up viewpoints you have another fantastic way to introduce your project.

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