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Damir Orihan

SketchUP notes

Couple useful notes for every day SketchUp use which going to make your workflow way faster. Groups For example for construction parts of the building, don’t make more than, let’s say, ten big groups. Organize groups per use or floor or any other bigger group of elements. Don’t make too many small groups with components…

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How Lumion works

Lumion has been changed in last couple of years a lot in the way of rendering engine at first place. Level of details, materials, and components are improved drastically with every new update. In my case, most of the models used in lumion I imported from SketchUp directly. Sketchup file needs to be clean, simple…

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Setting The Tone

Soon as we are talking about animations from Lumion, actual animation is not only thing what we need to look at. In the beginning, setting the tone, first impression. The first couple of seconds of presentation, music or video quality are setting the tone. Soon as we set the tone, we can accurately pick what…

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How SketchUp works

Most of you know SketchUp and how SketchUp works. The software is simple. And the most important thing that we need to keep it simple doesn`t matter in which stage of the project. Plugins are great and make work much faster, but most of the times not so good for size and simplicity of the…

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