Riyadh Park Mall


Riyadh Park is an exciting lifestyle and entertainment destination including a fashion zone, international and local retail stores, an entertainment area with a full range of food and beverage units and commercial outlets and boutique restaurants.
A new concept of external street shopping has been incorporated into the design offering a ‘Retail boulevard’ strategically located on arrival to the main entrance of Riyadh Park that engages and activates the site with its surroundings whilst creating a destination with a strong brand identity for the client.

With two valet drop off zones enabling convenient access to the leisure areas and over 2,000 car parking spaces split between ground level and undercroft parking areas, Riyadh Park offers ease of access and high levels of customer service throughout.

The design aims to be ‘Market sustainable’ and is responsive to the feedback from local and regional retailers, following the best retail trends matched with top class architecture.


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